Lab News

  1. News: Invited Talk: Neuromorphic Cognitive Computing to Build Robotic Brain, BrainCAS (a post conference workshop of BioCAS 2016), 20-21 Oct 2016, Hangzhou. Conference website:

  2. News: 邀请报告:2016大数据分析论坛(计算助力脑科学研究专家研讨会),2016年11月1-2日,北京,中科院计算机网络信息中心。

  3. News: Invited Talk: Neuromorphic Cognitive Computing: A Convergent Approach to Brainy Computers, The 8th International Conference on Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems (BICS 2016), 28-30 Nov 2016, Beijing. Conference website:

  4. News: 2016 IEEE Symposium on Neuromorphic Systems and Cyborg Intelligence (IEEE SNCI'16) , Athens, Greece, December 6 - 10, 2016 (a symposium of SSCI 2016). Conference website:

  5. News: 2016 International Symposium on Neuromorphic Cognitive Computing and Robotics

  6. News: 2016 IEEE CIS Summer School on Computational Intelligence in Big Data Analysis and Robotics

  7. News: Call for Papers: IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems Special Issue on Neuromorphic Computing and Cognitive Systems. (Submission Deadline: 15 June 2016   Extended to 30 June 2016)